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Super Cobra Jet Ford Heads

Ford Motorsport Super Cobra Jet Heads.

6049-SCJ Aluminum Heads

Revised valve angles and locations to reduce cylinder wall shrouding and improved flow. Redesigned combustion chambers to acommodate the more centrally located valves.

Uses same valves, valve springs, retainers and standard 7/16" stud mount rockers. Standard Cobra Jet intake and exhaust manifolds bolt on. Current valve covers fit.

Flows approximately 345cfm intake and 225 cfm exhaust. 72CC combustion chambers.

New Design By Jon Kaase Racing!

  • Bare Head 6049-SCJ - $750.00 Each
  • Complete Head With Hydraulic Springs 6049-SCJA - $950.00 Each
  • Complete Head With Roller Springs 6049- SCJB - $950.00 Each
  • SCJ Guide Plates - $39.00 Set
  • ARP Head Stud Kit - $259.00 Set
  • Stud Girdles - $194.00 Set
  • Adjustment Nuts For Stud Girdles - $75.00 Set