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CHI Heads 3V 225cc 340cfm (700+hp) SB Alloy Heads

"The all new 3V 225cc cylinder heads replace the older 218cc heads and are suited for use on competition and serious street engines of up to 400+ cubic inches in size and making up to and in excess of 650+hp. The new 225cc feature the same minimum cross section (2.4") as the 218cc intake ports are designed to deliver maximum power and torque, for those people not concerned by RPM limitations, but rather wanting to make the most possible torque and horsepower for their competition to wild street power plants.

With just a modest increase of 7ccs, and with no change to the minimum cross section, we have managed to extract 340cfm from our new 225cc port without hurting the all important low lift numbers. Again the emphasis was on keeping the port as small as possible whilst increasing airflow as much as possible. No other Small Block Ford - Cleveland cylinder head on the market today has the same airflow per CC of runner volume.

By utilizing the advantage of a taller than standard, 4V intake port height, and downsizing the port to a mere 225ccs, we have created an intake port capable of producing in excess of 700hp, whilst still having the ability to make exceptional torque along the way. Just take a look at Jon Kaase"s winning entry in the 2004 Engine Masters competition. The engine had a peak of 700hp horsepower at 6500rpm and peak torque of 620ft/lb. All of this on straight pump gas and by a mere 6500 rpm.

Just like its predecessor (the 218cc) the 3V 225cc cylinder heads intake ports have .600"" radiuses in all 4 corners, riding the port of any stagnant air and further promoting a more complete and uniform air flow pattern through the intake port, which ultimately lessens the chance of fuel dropping out of suspension from the air and promotes excellent Wet Flow Quality.

Coupled with our matching high velocity 3V 4150 Holley and 4500 Dominator intake manifolds, (as also used by Jon Kaase"s winning 2004 Engine Masters Entry), the package is the ultimate choice for the wild street car and or competition enthusiasts wanting maximum torque and horsepower from their Small Block Fords. Our manifolds come ready with cast Fuel Injection - Nitrous bosses. With only minor machining our manifolds cartoon porn can be easily adapted to either nitrous or fuel injection, giving our customers the ease and flexibility to be able to upgrade as they wish.

At CHI we believe in proving the performance potential of our cylinder heads, rather than just providing you with estimations based on flow figures alone. To this end we participate and sponsor competitions like the Engine Masters, as well as extensively dyno test our products (take a look in our articles section to read about Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords independent testing). We also believe in offering our customers cylinder head and manifold combinations that are tailored to their horsepower requirements, and the 3V 225cc cylinder head and manifold combinations are not only the choice of World Champion Engine Builders like Jon Kaase, but are also quickly becoming the popular choice of the serious street - competition engine builder and car enthusiasts, world wide.

  • CHI 3V 225cc Bare - $795.00 Each
  • Complete heads with guide plates starting at $2350.00 set