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Trick Flow A-460

  • A-460 Bare Head - $898 Each
  • A-460 Complete Heads with 2.300 Intake Valves - $1260.00 Each
  • A-460 Complete Heads with 2.350 Intake Valves - $1310.00 Each
  • 18-Bolt A-460 Complete Heads with 2.350 Intake Valves - $1425.00 Each 
  • Race-ready heads for your Ford!

    These Trick Flow® PowerPort (TM) A460 race cylinder heads are machined from A356-T6 aluminum and feature 340cc intakes and 172cc exhaust runners, 83cc (18-bolt) or 91cc (standard) combustion chambers, bronze alloy valve guides, tungsten seats, big block Chevrolet exhaust port openings and bolt pattern, and 1.760 in. spring pockets. Assembled heads come with 2.300 in. or 2.350 in. intake valves, 1.880 in. exhaust valves, 1.640 in. dual valve springs for up to .850 in. lift, 10 degree titanium retainers, 10 degree machined locks, Viton® fluoroelastomer valve seals, ARP 7/16 in. rocker studs, and guideplates for 3/8 in. pushrods.