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Trick Flow A-460 Ford

The Best Intake On The Market For The A-460 Heads!

  • Trick Flow A-460 Ford Intake - $585.00 Each
  • Intended for 500+ in., high-rpm engines, the Trick Flow® R-Series A460 intake manifolds provide significant horsepower and torque increases. Made to fit Trick Flow® PowerPort Race A460 big block Ford cylinder heads, these single plane intake manifolds feature a one-piece, spider-type design that uses high-flowing, individual extended runners and a raised plenum floor. It features A319 aluminum construction, extra material for custom port work, and bosses for nitrous or fuel injection. The intake manifold is designed for use with a Holley 4500 Series Dominator carb and Trick Flow® PowerPort (TM) Race A460 cylinder heads only. The overall carburetor mounting pad height is 8.600 in.